St. Louis County Library offering ‘GrandPads’ to seniors for easy technology use


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Library announced Wednesday they are now offering ‘GrandPads’ to bring technology to underserved senior citizens for free.

The library said they are expanding their Digital Equity Initiative by providing the tablet devices to those eligible for one year.

The tablet is designed to make it easy for senior citizens with little to no technology experience to use their email, make phone calls and video calls to family members, take and receive photos, use the internet, play games, and more.

GrandPads come with built-in cellular service which has a strong connection throughout St. Louis County. No internet connection is required.

The Library said a person can get the tablet under a one-year subscription which will be paid for entirely through CARES Act funding the library received.

GrandPads were created for users 75-years-old and above but those younger can still apply.

To apply, you must live in St. Louis County and have a valid St. Louis County Library card.

The application for the GrandPad can be completed by the user, family member, or friend of the user.

For more information and to apply for a GrandPad, click here.


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