ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has filed charges against a St. Louis County man in connection with a domestic violence investigation.

According to a probable cause statement obtained from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, police dispatchers received a call on Feb. 16 about a man throwing a woman into a white Chevy Impala near the corner of Natural Bridge Avenue and Union Boulevard and driving off.

Officers responded but found no evidence of the incident at the scene. Police were notified of an Instagram post of the aforementioned incident and reviewed the video.

The video shows a man approach a woman, grab her by the neck with both hands, and lift her in the air before slamming her to the ground. The man shoves the woman across Natural Bridge Ave. and again puts his hands on her neck to strangle her.

Police claim the video cuts to show the man and woman walk toward the Impala, crossing in front of the individual recording the video. The woman can be heard screaming for help while the man orders her in the car. The man can be seen holding a handgun at his side.

The probable cause statement says police discovered security video in the area recorded part of the incident, which corroborated what was seen on the Instagram post.

On Feb. 18, police located the white Impala and pulled the vehicle over. There were two occupants in the car. Police claim the driver, James D. Meredith, 35, was the individual seen on the Instagram video. The passenger was identified as the female victim from the Instagram post.

Police claim to have seen a white substance on the driver’s side door believed to be cocaine, and searched the vehicle. Officers found a handgun beneath the driver’s seat, which had been reported stolen in St. Charles. The suspected narcotics were sent to a police lab for testing, and Meredith was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Investigators spoke separately with both Meredith and the woman at the police station. Meredith told police he and the woman was her fiancé. The woman told police they were married and had a child.

Meredith said the victim had run off several days earlier and finally reached out to ask him to pick her up. The woman told police she’d been “out on the street” for several days and called Meredith to come and get her.

During interrogation, Meredith allegedly admitted to having the gun seen in the video.

City prosecutors charged Meredith with first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, and receiving stolen property. He remains jailed without bond.