CLAYTON, Mo. – A St. Louis County officer is trying to cast a wider net to find a kidney. He’s taking matters into his own hands with hopes that someone can help him.

Sgt. John Spicer is hopeful someone has a big heart.

 “My kidneys do not filter anymore, that’s why I need dialysis,” said Spicer. “I have two kidneys that do not function.” 

Sgt. John Spicer with the St. Louis County Police Department.

He’s listed with the National Register for Kidney Disease to receive a donor kidney. His blood type is A-negative, meaning he can receive a kidney from someone who is type A or O. 

Spicer reached out to the police association, feeling that he couldn’t be alone. He found another St. Louis County Police employee in need of a kidney. 

“We’re kind of on the decline stage at the same level,” said Spicer. “He’s on a different doctor group than I am, the BJC group, and I’m on the SLUH group side, but they still talk.”

Taylor George and Spicer kidneys are no longer working. Both are in need of dialysis for 8-9 hours a day. 

“It was really nice to talk to somebody who is going through the exact same thing and have the understanding that this stinks,” said Taylor George, mobile technician with the St. Louis County Police. “It’s not really great.” 

It’s no ordinary request for a living donor to consider. but both men allowed FOX 2 to tell their stories because they understood the weight of what each needed.

“If you’re willing to donate, you would really be changing somebody’s life,” said George. 

“If I get the gift from someone, that’s a blessing from God,” says Spicer. “If we are able to meet up at some point, then those who donated, they’ll be part of the family.”

A questionnaire is an easy way to see if you could be a donor. Click here to see if you qualify as a potential donor to the St. Louis University Hospital program. Click here to see if you qualify as a potential donor to the BJC Healthcare program.