ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Winter Wonderland fans were anything but excited to hear about the changes coming to Tilles Park’s holiday exhibit this winter.

In a Facebook statement on Tuesday, St. Louis County Parks wrote, “With the St. Louis Carriage Company closure and losing access to McCarthy Construction parking, there will be several changes to this year’s Winter Wonderland. We had to eliminate the walk nights and the carriage rides.”

“We’ll be disappointed to see it go away,” Steven Skawski said. “Without the walkthrough option, the carriage option, and the open-air option, we are probably a coin toss now.”

For Natalie Horan and her family, the walking option was more meaningful than seeing the light show from your car.

“My little ones to be able to walk around and experience it was really exciting to do,” she said. “It doesn’t go by as quickly in the car cause we can actually walk through and enjoy the holiday spirit.”

The Winter Wonderland returns Nov.17.

“We hope they can find another solution or workaround and hopefully make it work, so we can keep coming back,” Skawski said.

A spokesperson with St. Louis County told FOX 2 that they are still working with the city of Ladue to think of other alternatives for visitors.