OLIVETTE, Mo. – The Animal Protection Association of Missouri is asking for help clearing a shelter overflowing with dogs. The APA Olivette says that many of these dogs have been in the shelter for months. They are looking for people to foster or adopt the dogs.

Adoption fees are only $25 now through December 11 for all animals 6 months or older. This is part of a gift from the Bissell Pet Foundation and Cathy Bissell.

The APA started operating the St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center on Monday. The decision to have a nonprofit take over operations at the shelter on Baur Boulevard came after a 2019 audit showed the center had poor conditions and a high kill rate.

The Animal Protection Association of Missouri now has a five-year contract with St. Louis County worth nearly $16 million. The APA was able to complete more than 4,000 pet adoptions in 2022. St. Louis County had 357 pet adoptions this year.

There are nearly 60 available pets looking for a new home. You can learn more about them and how to foster a pet here.