St. Louis County police officer saves 1-week-old baby

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Police Officer Wesley Pierce sprang into action Sunday to save a newborn baby.

“No officer, paramedic, 911 operator, they don’t want to receive that phone call that just over a week-old baby is not breathing,” Pierce said.

On Sunday, Pierce responded to that call on Del Lago Drive in north St. Louis County.

“That’s one of the worst nightmares that any parent could have,” Officer Pierce said.

Bodycam video shows the officer running to the home where newborn baby Taylor was starting to turn blue.

Officer Pierce, a dad himself, puts on a mask and enters the home.

“Mom handed the baby over to me and I listened to the Central County Fire Center dispatcher, who gave me instructions on what to do. So I really give him all the props; he helped me through it,” Pierce said.

In the video, Pierce is seen placing baby Taylor on the floor, pressing down on her chest and giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, all at the direction of the dispatcher.

“At first I was scared and nervous,” Officer Pierce said.

In the video, Pierce is pleading with Taylor to start breathing again.

“Come on sweetie,” he’s heard saying on the video. “Come on baby. There you go, baby.”

After multiple times of pressing down one inch on her chest, “Halfway through, I look down and she still was turning purple,” Officer Pierce said.

Just a few moments later, it’s the sound everyone was waiting to hear.

“Shortly after that, the baby starting crying, mom was ecstatic, I was ecstatic,” he said.

Paramedics arrived to Taylor’s home and took her into the hospital for a few nights.

Taylor’s mom told FOX 2 News that she was discharged Wednesday and will have to undergo further sleep testing to figure out what is causing Taylor’s irregular breathing patterns.

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