St. Louis County Police sergeant surprised with parade after near-death battle with COVID


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Sergeant John Wilson of the St. Louis County Police Department has not stepped outdoors since he was hospitalized on Dec. 21 after his COVID diagnosis took a turn for the worse. On Saturday, that all changed when he was greeted with a parade to celebrate his continued recovery.

Sergeant Wilson has had a tough battle with COVID, there was a point where doctors didn’t know if he would make it, but he fought.

As he continues his recovery at the Mercy Rehabilitation Center, his family, both by blood and in blue, showed their support.

Co-workers from the St. Louis County Police Department were led by Wilson’s wife and son in a socially distanced parade. They drove by cheering, honking, flashing signs, and waving the thin blue line American flags to honor Sgt. Wilson and his determination to beat COVID.

Wilson’s daughter stood by his side as he soaked in the love.

This was the first time he has been conscious outside since his hospital transfers.

His wife Melissa and son Jake said through these trying times, their police family has been there every step of the way.

“It’s been completely hectic. With the help of the St. Louis County Police Department, St. Louis County family association, all these other organizations they made it a lot easier,” Jake said.

“This was a day for his police family, to show him that they love him and that they are supporting us all the way. We needed this win,” Melissa said. “We needed this win in our department. We needed this win in our community. The hospital needed this win, so we’re just really happy.”

When the parade ended, Sgt. Wilson said he felt overwhelmed. He was so thankful to his friends who he hadn’t seen in so long for thinking of him and taking care of his family.

Wilson is making tremendous progress on his recovery and is expected to be released from the rehab center March 5.


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