St. Louis County prepares for winter amidst ongoing labor shortages


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Despite summerlike temperatures returning for the weekend, winter is just around the corner. St. Louis County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works is already planning for winter weather amidst the continuing labor shortages.  

St. Louis County is requesting bids for vendors to assist with plowing county roads this upcoming winter so they can keep their road system safe.  

The Department of Transportation and Public Works has been dealing with staffing shortages with more than 30 maintenance driver vacancies. The county is seeking bids for snow plowing services for each of its five maintenance districts and vendors can bid on the individual districts.   

The county maintains 3,166 miles of road and their winter operations team works 12 hours shifts during winter events.  

And while everything looks great for now, changes are coming and they could come quickly. 

“We could have a winter event in late October or early November. Or we may not have one until January. But, having said that we definitely want a full staff or as close to a full staff as we can get in terms of our plow drivers, our plow operators.,” said Dave Wrone, the public information manager for St. Louis County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works.

“Because right now we’re looking at a situation where our response times are going to be diminished in the event of winter events. Ice storms, snow storms, things of that nature if we can’t find reinforcements.”

Vendor bids to assist with plowing winter roads are due on Oct. 22 at 11 a.m.  

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