CLAYTON, Mo. — St. Louis County Council member Tim Fitch introduced a bill during Tuesday’s council meeting in response to a recent sex tape scandal involving a member of the county executive’s leadership team.

“It’s really kind of sad that we have to take it in this direction, but when you have someone in top leadership doing something like this, I think you have to make a pretty strong statement as to how inappropriate it is,” said Fitch.

The bill would create a crime for any county employee engaging in a sex act while on county property or in a county vehicle or building. Fitch said he introduced the bill because of the recent sex tape scandal, leading to the resignation of Calvin Harris, chief of staff for St. Louis County Executive Sam Page.

“There’s no better way to make a strong statement other than to criminalize it,” said Fitch.

He said the penalty for offenders could include a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.