St. Louis couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary


ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis couple has joined a special club that includes royalty and presidential couples. Jerry and Marge Born were married 70 years ago Wednesday. He’s 91, she’s 90.

“My husband is a very, very, nice man,” Marge said.

The couple was married at Corpus Christi Catholic Church. It no longer exists. It merged with another parish to become Holy Name of Jesus. For Jerry and Marge, it’s been seven decades of love, laughs, and longevity.

“I’ve been in love with her 70 years and I’m still in love with her,” Jerry said.

The wedding day photos of Marge and Jerry Born bring back memories and questions like how did they make their marriage last?

“We both care about the other one if I think I’m hurting him I’m hurting myself,” Marge said.

Jerry added: “If we had a little problem, we worked it out right away.”

To celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary, Jerry took Marge out to Red Lobster. He loves fish.

“I’ll eat fish but I really like catching it,” Marge said.

They are among one-tenth of 1% of all married couples who make it to their 70th anniversary.
And they join an impressive group, the Queen of England and Prince Phillip, President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn, and President George Bush and Barbara, all married for more than 70 years.

“That’s a damn fine company to be in,” Jerry said.

Marge added: “We wish we had their money.”

They have something more valuable – a loving family. They raised three sons and welcomed their sons’ wives into the brood, which grew to seven grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Jerry and Marge’s love continues.

“She’s just a loveable person that’s all,” Jerry said. “She’s been my whole life and still is.”

And humor makes their long lives together a success.

“I told him one day if he died before I did, I’d kill him,” Marge said.

They say opposites attract. He was an only child and she was the oldest of 13 siblings.

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