St. Louis couple reunited with missing dog in time for Christmas


ST. LOUIS — A Christmas wish came early for a St. Louis couple who had been searching for their beloved dog.

Bonnie, a 2-year-old French bulldog, went missing ahead of the severe weather that recently rocked the St. Louis area. The dog’s owners, Ken Robinson and Anyae McCloud, said they were heartbroken.

“Both of us were really sad, and weren’t really feeling like the Christmas spirit,” said McCloud. “Then, when Bonnie, returned it just restored our faith and joy.”

Robinson added: “We ended up getting her back. I never thought I was going to get her back.”

Bonnie got out on Dec. 9, the day before severe weather hit the area.

“I was really sad because it was different coming home and like missing her because she’s always the one that’s like the first one that runs up to you and greets you, so I was really sad,” McCloud said.

She said they immediately posted fliers in the area. McCloud also shared their story on social media, hoping someone would help. By Friday evening, the worry began to set in.

“I was really scared for her because I thought the tornado was going to touch down,” McCloud said.

Bonnie is also carrying puppies, and McCloud said she couldn’t give up hope.

“I got so many shares,” said McCloud. “I got over 300 shares. So, I’m like okay, if they can have faith then I can keep my faith too.”

Then, she received a message on social media from Bailey Calhoun in Vandalia, Missouri, saying she had Bonnie.

“When I saw that message request, I literally opened it a minute after she sent it and then I read the message. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, she has Bonnie.'”

Calhoun said her mother’s boyfriend had bought Bonnie from someone in St. Louis and then brought the dog to Vandalia. When Calhoun saw on social media that Bonnie had been missing, she contacted McCloud. Robinson said he couldn’t believe it.

“To me, it’s like there’s still good honorable people out here,” Robinson said.

Calhoun then drove Bonnie back to St. Louis from Vandalia. The couple said they also gave Calhoun a reward.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” McCloud said. “It was definitely something that was very special to us. It was like a little Christmas miracle.”

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