ST. LOUIS — The nearly 20-year case of a missing child in St. Louis may be nearing a conclusion, at least a partial one.

Christian Ferguson was never found, but jury selection has begun in the trial of his father, who’s charged with Christian’s murder.

Potential Jurors were packed in the hallways outside the courtroom of Judge Brian May Wednesday all day long. They were called into the courtroom for questioning one at a time.

A jury of 12 from the pool of 120 is expected to be seated for the long-awaited trial by the end of the week. They’ll decide the fate of Dawan Ferguson, who was just 30 when his 9-year-old son, Christian, disappeared from north St. Louis County in June 2003.

Christian had a genetic disorder. The first-degree murder charge filed in October 2020 said Dawan Ferguson “knowingly caused” Christian’s death by “failing to provide necessary nutrition and medication.” In a court document, an investigator said Christian would likely have died within 48-72 hours without his medication.

Potential evidence includes a FOX 2 video of a car parked where Dawan Ferguson said his SUV was carjacked with his son inside. The car was owned by Dawan Ferguson’s girlfriend at the time. Investigators wonder why it was at the alleged carjacking scene.

Court documents show the judge will allow recorded conversations between Christian and his mother from June 2003 to be admitted as evidence.

Documents also show Dawan Ferguson’s motion to dismiss the case for taking so long to prosecute him, has been denied. His motion to reduce his bond so he could potentially get out of jail while waiting for trial was also denied.

He remains jailed on a $5 million bond.

He is also charged with statutory rape and child molestation in another case. Court documents say he fathered a child with a girl under the age of 14. His trial, in that case, is set for August.