ST. LOUIS — From St. Louis County to the city, students have been impacted by school bus shortages. 

Myron Jones of north St. Louis said he’s tired of his son, Myron, waking up early only to find the bus isn’t coming to take him to Busch Middle School. 

“I’m going to wake him up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Then, I’m going to sit out there and just see if a bus comes,” Jones said. 

Jones said he understands there’s a shortage, but it’s impacting his son’s ability to learn as well as other students. The father said he’s tired of the excuses.  

“When you keep hearing ‘sorry, sorry,’ over and over and over, you become frustrated especially when you say sorry and nothing’s being done,” Jones said.  

St. Louis Public Schools sent FOX 2 a statement saying: “We are terribly sorry about the difficulties Mr. Jones is having. This is the first we are hearing of the situation. We have experts in the district who specialize in working with parents to find solutions, and they will be reaching out to Mr. Jones.”

Jones said he doesn’t buy it. He said he’s reached out to the school board and principal, yet nothing has been done.  

“You’re just trying to make sure the school board looks good, and the school looks good. They just protect each other and protect each other,” he said.  

As a single father working a strenuous manual labor job, Jones said the cycle is tiresome.  

“I work a hard job, and there’s nothing like getting up early to find out you didn’t even have to get up,” he said.

His son, Myron, admits it’s daunting getting up for school knowing he may not have a guaranteed, consistent ride. 

“I immediately call my dad and let him know that I’m not seeing them,” he said.  

As a standout student, Jones said school is a way for his son to dream. 

“Out of the hood, out of poverty. Education this is the for sure way,” Jones said.