ST. LOUIS – St. Louis officials met Tuesday afternoon as the city gets ready for what might be another long playoff run for the Cardinals.

The city’s Board of Public Service has declared a part of downtown a St. Louis Cardinals Clean Zone from Oct. 7 to Nov. 12.

Paddy O’s bar manager, Rob Colie, said it would be great for business.

“I think it would be great. I think it would encourage a lot more people from around the St. Louis area to come downtown and enjoy themselves, and be part of the Cardinals and enjoy the sports bars,” he said.

The boundaries would be at Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard on the east to 11th Street on the west.

They’d also run from Chouteau north to Pine Street.

“I think it’s always been kind of a downtown thing, not necessarily located around the stadium but there’s always been problems with break-ins, things like that,” Colie said.

Colie also said safety and cutting down on crime would help fans enjoy the long playoff run.

“I just really hope that encourages more people to come down and participate in the sports, and root the Cardinals on to a Red October,” he said.