ST. LOUIS — Police are searching for suspects after several violent incidents in Downtown St. Louis over the weekend. One man was taken out of his vehicle and beaten.

“The guy that ran the light came out and grabbed the guy that honked out of his car and the beat him. Then somebody else honked and the guy fired shots,” said Les Sterman, a member of the Citizens for Greater Downtown St Louis.

Sterman says that there were also parties in short-term rental properties near his home. There were also groups of people riding scooters and painting graffiti on walls in the shadows of Busch Stadium.

“Four individuals were walking up as we were walking down 9th Street. One had had a sort of AR-15 and others had pistols,” said Samantha Kinnevan.

St. Louis city leaders have not commented on the crimes over the weekend. The Citizens for Greater Downtown St. Louis have proposed several strategies to combat crime in the area.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore has charged more than twice as many criminal cases in his first three months than former Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner did in the same time period last year. Former Wilmington, Delaware Chief of Police Robert Tracy was picked to lead the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department last year.