ST. LOUIS – St. Louis drivers are frustrated not only over the number of crashes they see, but also over the amount of reckless driving they witness. 

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department continues to look for the driver accused in a pedestrian crash near Crown Candy earlier this week. An elderly man was struck in broad daylight after the vehicle failed to stop.

On Thursday, an April court date was set for a 2022 hit-and-run case that took the life of 17-year-old Mathew Nikolai. He was walking across Chippewa Street near Ted Drewes when he was struck and killed.

St. Louis resident Susan Fanter says she’s scared to cross a street, even if she uses the crosswalk and has the right of way.

“You never know if they’re going to run the red light and if you’re going to get hit,” she said.  

We’ve reported in the past on the city’s efforts to address traffic violence. Enforcement efforts from St. Louis police include the shifting of resources to areas where a high number of crashes have been reported.  There are also efforts to implement traffic-calming measures. A plan to bring back red-light cameras is also underway.  

This week, St. Louis Police told FOX 2 that the department has reported a total of 12,025 crashes so far this year.  Of those crashes, police report that 40% of them have been hit-and-run crashes.

St. Louis resident Casey Finan believes more police would result in drivers using more caution. He said drivers running red lights and speeding in neighborhoods are common occurrences.  

“We actually just passed an accident here on Hampton,” said Finan.  “I’d like to see more police.”

Some drivers believe street improvements would help address some of the issues. We recently reported on the debate over how Rams settlement money should be spent. Based on survey responses from city residents, addressing dangerous streets is a priority.  

St. Louis resident David Burnett pointed to the number of potholes dodged by drivers. He said, “It’s kind of driving on the surface of the moon.” 

He believes investing in street improvements would help make drivers safer.