ST. LOUIS – Saturday is the last day of tolerable summer weather before a lengthy heat wave in the St. Louis area. An excessive heat warning begins Sunday afternoon and continues into much of next week.

Before temperatures push triple digits, families are taking enjoying as much time as they can spend outdoors.

Kayonni Woodard and her family gathered at Forest Park for their family reunion Saturday, making the best of a seasonably-warm day.

“It feels great. We’re glad we did it today instead of next week because it’s going to be really hot. So we’re glad we’re enjoying this day today,” said Woodard. 

“I’m enjoying the weather in St. Louis,” said Forest Park visitor John Baldwin, in town from Georgia. “It’s at least 112 or 114 degrees [with the] heat index [in Georgia], and I’m enjoying this cool weather in St. Louis right now.” 

The FOX 2 weather team is currently tracking the possibility of highs near or above 100 degrees for six consecutive days. Heat indices could reach as high as 115°F.

“We won’t be outside,” said Linda Hester. “Some will be back in Georgia, some will be back in Illinois, but we’ll be in St. Louis under air.”

Some services around St. Louis, including the Loop Trolley, will close down Sunday and in the upcoming days due to extreme heat.

There are no immediate signs of heavy rain or severe storms in the forecast next week either. If you plan activities outside, make sure to wear light clothing, limit the time of high exposure activities, use plenty of sunscreen, and have a plan to stay hydrated.