ST. LOUIS – Saturday was a hot and humid day, but that did not stop families from gathering at the 13th Annual Grub and Groove Festival in Francis Park.  

With temperatures peaking in the 90s, FOX 2 asked people at Francis Park how they tried to stay cool.

“Lots of breaks in the shade, and there’s a bubble bus that helps a little bit. Lots of water and definitely a cold beer helps too,” said Monica Shripka. 

For families with young ones, like for Carrie Heaney and her baby, there are a few extra steps needed to stay cool.  

“We’ve got her little stroller fan, we’ve got her little baby thermos, and mom’s got a little beverage as well,” said Heaney. “We’re staying in the shade, lots of shade at Francis Park.”

Many visitors had similar ideas to beat the heat.

“This park has a lot of trees, so as long as you’re sitting still in the shade, you’re pretty comfortable. But once you get that sun, it does get hot,” said Shripka. 

“We’ve got the cooler and lots of water, and we’re keep the ice flowing,” said Dustin Theis.   

“Going back to the car and getting the air conditioning, fanning,” said Brittanie Theis. 

“We are drinking a lot of water, and we have a very nice spot in the shade over here. I’ve been taking my little guy over to play with the bubbles,” said Skyler Dastgahbradford. 

The festival runs until 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free, with food, drinks, kids activities, and music all day long.

Proceeds from the event go to the nonprofit South City Improvement Corp., and they are returned to the community surrounding Francis Park.

Past projects included upgrading park lighting, decorative signage for the park, maintenance, water fountain upgrades, and funds for playground improvements, along with support for Buder Elementary and Mission St. Louis.