ST. LOUIS – For the first time in 165 years, the St. Louis Fire Department has an all-female firefighter crew at an engine house.

“With this being Women’s History Month, we felt like this would be the grandest opportunity to see if we can make this collaboration come together because it would have a huge impact on the community as well as nationwide,” said Licole McKinney, a firefighter, and acting captain.

“This 50,000-pound truck has a lot of horsepower, and today powered by us ladies,” said Jessica Jackson, a firefighter, and acting captain. “Not only, there’s a lot of love and compassion. We got a lot of girl power. We’re running this truck, we’re out in the streets, and doing the job that every man or woman is doing out there, we’re doing, just doing it together.”

Women firefighters in the St. Louis Fire Department have been working for 35 years, but this is a first for engine house number 26.

“Absolutely, I’m really excited to be here with my sisters in fire, and we’re ready for whatever it takes,” said Elizabeth McCormick, a firefighter.

With a city that’s seen its fair share of deadly fires and abandoned buildings, the risks that come with the job of being a firefighter are many for any man or woman. And a department looking for more future female firefighters.

“At the end of the day, it always makes you proud to do the job from day one,” said Pamela Saunders-Isaac, a firefighter. “But when you see the reaction. People are surprised to see you driving this apparatus. They feel proud and make you feel proud.”