ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis area foster care organization was visited by Unclaimed Baggage Thursday while on their 50 Years, 50 States road tour.

Unclaimed Baggage’s Love Luggage program brought hand-painted and decorated bags to Angels’ Arms.

“Not only are the bags a bright and colorful item the children get to own, but they serve a critical purpose in helping them prepare for moves to new homes,” Unclaimed Baggage said.

Angels’ Arms was founded in 2000 by a group of foster parents and others who wanted to provide a safe home and a loving family to foster children. The organization has grown to 13 homes serving nearly 100 children annually.

The donation is in conjunction with Unclaimed Baggage’s visit to St. Louis on its 50th-anniversary trip. They are visiting all 50 states in 14 weeks this summer. Unclaimed Baggage is located in Scottsboro, Alabama. They take bags that were never claimed by their owners during airline travel and then sell or recycle the contents and bags.