St. Louis Frenchie Social Club enjoys dinner at Ellisville restaurant


ELLISVILLE, Mo. – Veritas co-owner and chef Mathis Stitt says the addition of an outdoor patio has been great for business. Wednesday night they welcomed a new group to their patio.  

A group of French Bulldogs. 

“This is one of the more unique things. I mean usually, I’m catering to people,” Stitt said. “French Bulldogs are probably a little pickier than our average customer.” 

The Veritas patio caught the attention of Sean Sunderland who co-founded the St. Louis Frenchie Social club in 2019, along with Stephenie Whitaker.  

“Beautiful patio, nicely lit, got some fans, got some heaters. They did a great job on that patio,” Sunderland said.  

Together, French Bulldogs and the people they’re in charge of daily gathered for the invite-only dinner. A three-course feast featured a ‘Barkcuterie Board’ and a choice main course.   

“Tonight, on the menu we have some chicken, some liver, and some turkey patties so we’ll take orders and bring them right to the dogs on the patio at the restaurant,” Sunderland said.  

The Frenchies that Fox 2’s Ty Hawkins spoke with didn’t say much. They were busy eating. They seemed to enjoy the event and so did their companions.”  

“Right now, there’s a lot going on in the world and it’s just a nice relief to have a dog and just be able to think about you and that dog and of course enjoy the great outdoors,” Sunderland said.  

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