ST. LOUIS – “Pumped up” might be an understatement for St. Louis drivers. Gas prices have dropped significantly in the region after several weeks of spikes throughout May and June.

The average price of regular unleaded fuel has dropped nearly one dollar in the St. Louis metropolitan area over the last month, gradually falling most days or staying steady most days since the Fourth of July, according to the American Automobile Association.

The region’s average gas price, currently at $3.85, is down 83 cents from the average price one month ago ($4.68). However, prices are still 93 cents higher per gallon compared to this time last year, per AAA Gas Watch.

The current average rate in Missouri are $3.73 per gallon for regular unleaded gas and $4.79 for diesel, both down at least 50 cents from record-highs in mid-June.

Business Insider reports that gas prices have decreased in recent weeks as global demand for crude oil has also decreased. AAA says supply is also increasing in some regions.

On average, gas in Missouri is cheaper than 37 other US states, according to AAA. The average cost of gas nationwide right now is around $4.13.

AAA recommends the following steps to improve fuel efficiency and save even more at the pump:

  • Slow down and drive the speed limit. Higher speeds result in more aerodynamic drag.
  • Avoid “jackrabbit” starts and hard accelerations.
  • Use cruise control on the highway to help maintain a constant speed and save fuel.
  • Minimize your use of air conditioning.
  • Make sure your tires are properly maintained and inflated to the correct level.

The Missouri DOR has opened applications for refunds on last year’s 2.5-cent tax increase per gallon through an online portal. The opportunity could allow people to receive money back on gas purchases after Oct. 1, 2021, the date Missouri first increased its gas tax.

According to the Missouri DOR, “A claim must be filed by the customer who purchased the fuel, and records of each purchase must be maintained by the customer and available for inspection by the department for three years.”

Fore more information on how to submit a claim, click here.