ST. LOUIS – A November night with warmer temperatures brought out a crowd of dog walkers in St. Louis on Thursday.  

“Tomorrow there will be short walks,” said Cindy Tabscott.  

She said that as much as she enjoys the warmer weather, it is time to prepare for the cold.  

“It is time for winter,” Tabscott said. “It is mid-November.”  

The Alpine Shop in Kirkwood is prepared for customers to shop for winter gear as soon as the temperature drops. The outdoor recreation retailer is also having a sale this weekend.  

“It’s kind of perfect timing,” said Jarrid Snyder, Alpine Shop program director.  

He said customers are also shopping for ski supplies because the snow has already fallen at resorts out west.  

“They’ve seen several feet of snow the last couple of days,” Snyder said.  

Nicole Engelhardt was shopping for a winter coat on Thursday because she is traveling to North Dakota, where snow has already fallen.  

“Today, I’m wearing shorts and outside running, and the next couple days, we’ll be freezing,” she said.