ST. LOUIS – Thousands are expected to attend Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest. This festive block party will have live music, dancing, lots of games, stein holding, food and obviously plenty of beer.  

Florian Kuplent, the brewmaster and cofounder of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, said that this year’s weather is looking just fine. He’s from Germany and has been to the real celebration in Munich. He said he tries to bring some of that celebration here to St. Louis.  

Very traditional event which kind of mimics what’s going on in Munich right now. Celebrating beer, celebrating comradery, celebrating good people. And just having a lot of fun,” Kuplent said.   

He loves that St. Louisans will be able to sit outside, listen to music and of course drink their award-winning Oktoberfest beer, O-Katz. 

The event runs through 11:30 p.m. Friday and again Saturday from noon to 11:30 p.m. There is a token system which is a German concept to help with efficiency.

Guests buy tokens at designated areas and then exchange those tokens for beer both at the beer pouring stations outside and inside the bierhall.