ST. LOUIS – Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? It’s FALL! So that means… haunted houses! And what is more fun than a trip into “The Darkness,” St. Louis’ own Haunted House? 

The Darkness has been around for 30 years, but the site is more than a haunted house. It is also a scream park. 

“This year we have done new scenes in The Darkness,” said the owner’s son, Riley Kirchner. “At The Darkness, we renovate every year, and this is our biggest renovation so far.”

Kirchner said that the company creates all the scenes. Its crew is made up of workers with all sorts of construction skills that keep the haunted theme park working. 

“We have another company where we build like-haunted houses for like-theme parks,” Kirchner said. “Like-Six Flags and not only haunted houses.”

Kirchner said that they build mini golf courses and laser tag courses too. The company does that full-time. When fall comes around, they focus on haunted houses. 

Kirchner said that they take part in TransWorld’s Halloween and Attractions Show each year. 

“There are tons and tons of people that own haunted houses and amusement parks,” said Kirchner. “And the biggest trade show is actually in St. Louis every year.”

Kirchner said that they put on a show for the participants during this trade show, to give other haunted attraction owners ideas. 

“That’s why we renovate so much,” Kirchner said. “We want to show the other haunted houses the new stuff that we do.”

“Now it’s a full-blown attraction,” said Kirchner. “It’s like an amusement park in a way to me. Next door, we have St. Louis Escape.” 

They have many rooms, such as a Dracula room, a Wizard of Oz room, a Haunted Hotel, and many more different rooms for ticket sales.

“We have eight amazing escape rooms,” Kirchner said. “And then we have the 80s-themed mini golf, so that’s cool. We keep expanding, expanding, and soon we’re hoping to expand the building more. “

They also own Creepyworld. At Creepyworld, they just created a family fun show called JackO’Lantern Spooktacular which is for families with little ones or families who want to take part in Halloween but do not want scary spooks jumping out at them.