St. Louis is third-largest metro for ‘gas superusers’


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ST. LOUIS– The St. Louis region is the third-largest metro area when it comes to the number of gasoline superusers in the country. Gasoline superusers are U.S. drivers in the top 10% of gasoline consumption.

The finding is part of a new report entitled Gas Superusers done by Coltura. The group is a nonprofit working to improve climate, health, and equity by accelerating the transition from gasoline and diesel to cleaner alternatives.

The report states superusers use at least 1,000 gallons of gasoline a year and drive on average 30,348 miles a year. Superusers also drive about 3 times more than other surveyed drivers.

The report found the top 10% of drivers burn 32% of gasoline, more than the bottom 60% of drivers combine.

Superusers can also be identified by state motor vehicle databases that record odometer readings when vehicles are bought and sold or undergo a smog check, says the report.

Superusers tend to drive larger vehicles. The most common vehicles are Ford F-Series and Chevy pickup trucks.

They also tend to live in rural areas versus urban or suburban areas.

The authors of the report say that converting gasoline superusers to electric vehicles at an accelerated rate is needed to achieve the goal the Biden Administration set out when it comes to carbo reduction.

The report suggests electric vehicle incentive policies should be changed to focus on reducing gas consumption rather than just simply selling electric vehicles. The report also suggests the use of gasoline displacement incentives are a more effective tool to reduce gasoline use than flat electric vehicle incentives.

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