ST. LOUIS – If one had the day off Monday, they had the chance to attend annual festivals in the area, as well as numerous first-time events.

The 105th St. Nicholas Greek Festival in Central West End had music all day long and lines were perpetually long as hungry people anticipated sampling the hearty offerings of Greek American food.

“I got a few gyros, some fries, and a salad,” said Aisha Clark of Granite City. “We’ve been locked up for a couple of years, so it was good to actually come out here and people watch and get some good food at the same time.”

The Japanese Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden wrapped up its final day. Thousands attended this weekend for an event featuring sumo wrestlers, art displays, and dance routines that’s been a tradition since 1977.

“It’s awesome,” said Mark Jones of St. Louis. “It’s pretty sweet out here. Kind of get to see a little bit of another culture which is always pretty sweet.”

Up-Down St. Louis hosted an inaugural pinball tournament at its Central West End headquarters.

“Typically, most people have that Monday off, so what better to do than meet up, put some quarters in some machines and play some pinball?” said event organizer Mike Howard. “Competitions and competitive pinball is bigger than it ever has been.”

Twenty-nine participants battled for the top prize and the Up-Down will host future tournament play.