ST. LOUIS – A busy holiday travel season combined with a major snowstorm creates a hectic few days at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. AAA estimates that 112.7 million Americans will be traveling this holiday season.

Several flights were delayed at Lambert Wednesday evening; at least two were canceled. One of them was a flight to Denver, which James Farley was supposed to catch.

“Because there’s a storm in Denver, they canceled everybody going to Denver instead of re-routing us to another city,” he said. “They can accommodate us with the weather. So, they’re not putting us up in a hotel or anything, so we’re stuck.”

Farley is heading to California and is also worried the flight he’s supposed to catch Thursday could get canceled because of the storm in St. Louis.

The National Weather Service warned Wednesday that heavy snowfall along with wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour will result in near-zero visibility and drifting snow. Making land and air travel dangerous, if not impossible at times.

AAA said this is the third busiest year for holiday travel since it began tracking it in 2000.

“I’m trying to get back home for the holidays to see my family and some friends,” said Jacob Zimbelman, who is traveling to Arizona. “Going to be out there for a little while. But yeah, just trying to get back to my family for Christmas.”

“I’m just hoping for the best. I’m not too worried. I guess I’m thinking I’ll be leaving today, not tomorrow,” he said. “If I was leaving tomorrow, I’d be much more worried.”