ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis safety committee worked with the city police on Tuesday to spread awareness about gun safety.

Detective Danielle Schaberg with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department gave a presentation to one neighborhood with an important message.

“They are probably the simplest way to for sure render a firearm as safe as it possibly can be,” Schaberg said. “We are losing one too many. So they are as young as three and as old as 10 that we have lost in this ward alone.”

She said if you have kids in the home, taking ammunition out of the firearm isn’t enough.

“Some people say they come in, and they lay the gun on the table. To me, that’s like you lay a match that’s lit on the table,” said St. Louis Alderwoman Pamela Boyd.

She said the goal of the meeting is to spread awareness about gun locks.

“People are not going to put the guns away. So we would rather try to make you safe than come back later and say shoulda, woulda, coulda,” Boyd said.

Police said taking the time to put on a gun lock could save a life.

“We’re failing our kids, and something needs to be done, and if it’s something as simple as this gun lock,” Schaberg said. “I hope that people hear the message and come get them. They’re free. I’m not asking you to go out and buy a $200 gun safe. I’m asking you to just ask for a free gun lock.”