ST. LOUIS COUNTY – A St. Louis man faces arson charges after he allegedly burned down a neighbor’s home without permission.

Steven Stiner, 44, is behind bars on a $50,000 cash-only bond in connection with the investigation. Prosecutors filed charges Thursday.

Investigators say Stiner was caught on camera walking away from a house shortly after a fire had been ignited on Oct. 21. The homeowner, located in the 9900 block of Lark Avenue, informed the police that he had not authorized Stiner to set their house on fire.

Stiner was found at his mother’s residence, wearing the same clothing seen in the video and smelling of smoke. His mother’s house is within walking distance of the house that was set on fire.

An additional witness, employed at a business near the fire-damaged home, revealed that Stiner had informed her he was inside the house and had ignited the fire with a cigarette.

Stiner acknowledged being inside the house and suggested that the cigarette he had flicked at the house while passing by may have started the fire.