ST. LOUIS – A man from north St. Louis stole money from his former job and then spent $1,000 on a scam, spending the remainder on his girlfriend. Jonathan Davis, 24, now faces over 10 years in prison for an armed robbery committed at the Steak ‘N Shake where he once worked. Additionally, he must reimburse $3,715 in damages. 

Davis was found guilty of armed robbery involving a firearm. On June 23, 2021, around 12:30 a.m., Davis entered the office at a Steak ‘N Shake located at 9550 Natural Bridge Road in Berkeley. At gunpoint, he robbed the owner of cash. 

Davis had been employed at the restaurant until two months before the robbery occurred. Following the robbery, Davis went on a five-day spending spree, using the stolen funds to cover his rent, purchase an iPhone, acquire a diamond ring for his girlfriend, pay her cell phone bill, and provide her with cash. He lost $1,000 to a scammer when attempting to buy a car online.