ST. LOUIS — Music has a way of healing the soul, and some St. Louis musicians are using their talents to help heal those affected in Ukraine. 

A concert was held Monday night at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, where musicians from all over the St. Louis area volunteered to be part of a special performance with a purpose.  

“It’s so easy to feel powerless, I think, through everything that’s going on. And as musicians we have a unique opportunity to bring people together through our music,” said musician Louis Privitera. 

Privitera and some other fellow musicians came up with an idea to put on an hour-long charity concert where all the money raised would go to Ukrainian refugees.  

“We just sent emails. Sent texts, calls, and luckily we have a generous musical community here in St. Louis, and everyone was like ‘yes, I’m in!'” Privitera said.

Some of the volunteers even included professional musicians, like conductor Wendy Lea from the Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis. The ensemble played a variety of songs from Mozart to even a Ukrainian anthem.   

The room was filled with concertgoers, and many who attended did not hesitate to donate what they could. Concert-going Arthur McDonnell says he feels good helping in this way.   

“It’s just a horrible feeling. And many of us have never been through anything like that, but we can certainly sympathize with all those citizens and what they’re going through. And we want to help them,” said concert attendee Arthur McDonnell. 

“So, if this even reminds people that these things are still happening, and we can find the power within ourselves to do something and raise a couple of hundred dollars, then let’s do it,” Privitera said. 

All the money raised goes to Presbyterian Disaster Relief, which will distribute the funds to pay for food and clothes for Ukrainian refugees. 

To donate online, visit and follow the prompts.