ST. LOUIS – Bar hopping, also known to some as pub crawling, is an exciting way to support local businesses, enjoy a variety of drink selections, and explore the nightlife of any given city.

New research touts St. Louis as one of the best places nationwide to make that happen.

A new report from The Loupe, a network of jewelry and fashion giant Shane Co., recently named the “Best U.S. cities for bar hopping.” St. Louis ranked fourth on the list.

To build the ultimate bar-hopping experience, The Loupe says three factors were especially important: A large number of bars, an adequate number of bartenders, and walkability.

St. Louis earned the fourth-best overall score of 34.92 out of 50, only trailing Miami, Florida; Hartford, Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island. The report specifically credits St. Louis for its number of bartenders, stating there are around 1,866 bartenders for every 100,000 residents.

Among the Top 20 cities ranked for bar-hopping, all but two came from the Central or Eastern Time zones. The Loupe says these cities offer optimal bar-hopping experiences, “whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, a weekend getaway, or simply exploring your own city’s nightlife.”

The report also considered bar density, entertainment scenes, average alcohol prices, and access to public and private transportation. Many figures used in the analysis came from the U.S. Bureaus of Labor and Transportation.