ST. LOUIS — In November, hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan came to St. Louis to have a better life. On Monday, some refugees gathered in a special way to have some fun at a trampoline park.

“I think the children, I don’t even think they realize how stressful their lives have been for the last year, and this allows them to be children,”  said Delia Andrews. 

Andrews volunteers with Welcome Neighbor STL, a group that helps refugees integrate into American life.  

“Think about everything you have, and they’ve come here with nothing. These individuals still need a lot of support. They need us all day every day,“ Andrews said.

Rockin’ Jump owner Matt Strelo said he was first asked to donate a few tickets. He decided to donate a whole evening, where more than a hundred refugee families got a chance to just play and have fun. 

“This gives them a little bit of a sense of normalcy,” said Strelo. “Again, you look at what’s happening over in Ukraine right now. These guys went through essentially the same thing a few months ago.”

Andrews hopes that more people give more to these families and be good neighbors. 

“Appreciation that I get back to the families is tenfold. Every day you can tell that you’re making a difference in people’s lives,” Andrews said.

Andrews said no Ukrainian refugees have come through their program yet. However, Strelo said if refugees do eventually come to St. Louis, he would love to host more community events.