ST. LOUIS – An officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department returned to work Monday, several months after a harrowing incident that nearly cost him his life.

Officer Brian Hayes (Courtesy: Brian Hayes)

“Seven months, five days since I have been on the streets,” Officer Brian Hayes posted on social media.

Hayes and his trainee, Officer Delvion Mitchell, were struck head-on by a speeding vehicle on Interstate 64 near Boyle Avenue in January.

It left Mitchell with a fractured hip, a broken leg, a fractured foot, and a fractured face. Hayes underwent two surgeries for a torn hamstring and several injections for bruising on his knee. He also had a concussion and a broken tooth.

The two men remain in touch.

“Every day I call him,” Hayes said. “He’s more than a partner, more than a trainee. He’s a brother to me now.

“We share a day together that no one else is going to share with us. Jan. 24, around 6:30 p.m., is basically our alive day. It could have ended for either of us.”

Mitchell continues to recover from his injuries.

Both men were honored in March at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown St. Louis. Alongside them were St. Louis officers Colin Ledbetter and Nathan Spiess, who were both wounded that same week while pursuing a vehicle wanted in a homicide.