OLIVETTE, Mo. – The Metro Market team up with Feed the Babies Project to provide groceries and baby formula to moms and families in need in St. Louis.

The Metro Market is a mobile grocery store that travels throughout St. Louis to bring fresh produce to communities that might not have access to fruits and vegetables.

Operation Food Search, an organization to relieve food hunger was on the Metro Market bus assisting with delivering food to families. They stop at Affinia Health Biddle Street which is north of downtown St. Louis.

“I was amazed that they had donor breast milk, said customer the Metro Market Judy McGrath. “That was organized and that there were moms working together to help other moms and find creative ways of working together.”

The Feed the Babies Project is a community-wide collaborative led by the St. Louis Integrated Health Network. It is designed to address the infant formula shortage crisis and provide immediate solutions for families in St. Louis.

“This is in response to the infant formula shortage with donor milk that’s pasteurized through the Milk Bank,” said Dr. Jesse Davis, pediatrician and Lead Consultant on Feed the Babies Project. “We organized our community partners to mass purchase that donor breast milk and distribute it to the people that are most in need.”

Baby formula availability in the United States has dropped to its lowest levels with about 30% of products being out of stock.

Abbott Nutrition had recalled some of its baby formula products, which left some families turning to secondary sellers through online retailers to get baby formula.

“We also are providing formula, free baby food, and the St. Louis Metro Market which is a farmer’s market on wheels,” said Kristen Wild, President, and CEO of Operation Food Search.

The baby formula shortages are expected to continue through October.

The Metro Market will continue to stop around St. Louis. To inquire about assistance and the location of the next stops click here.