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ST. LOUIS – St. Louisan Phyllis Smith, best known for her role as Phyllis Vance on “The Office,” learns the magic of Christmas in a holiday campaign video with JOANN fabric and crafts store.

The 4-minute video, “A Craftmas Carol with Phyllis,” is filmed in a documentary style and describes Phyllis as “A Real Scrooge.”

She is seen early on breaking a gingerbread house and saying “bah humbug!”

“What’s the point,” she says. “You try and make things to bring a little holiday cheer, for who? To get a couple of likes online, to put a smile on some faces, well, smiles fade.”

Later as she is laying in bed, she is awakened by herself as a ghost who tells her she has “lost the true meaning of crafting for the holidays. Because of this, you will be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Crafts.”

She then goes on an adventure with the Ghost of Christmas Crafts played by craft YouTuber Tabitha Sewer. The adventure includes visiting her intern Trevor and she sees he doesn’t have a Christmas tree. Phyllis and the Ghost of Christmas Crafts then teach viewers how to make a magical tree topper and give it to Trevor.

The video ends with Phyllis turning to the camera and saying, “Merry Christmas, everyone.”