St. Louis plow companies prepare for first test from winter


St. Louis — With icy conditions in the forecast travel maybe isn’t the best option.

“No, not at all,” St. Macquell Smith said. “The weather is too bad.”

Smith and his friends were headed to Colorado Springs before the weather halted their travel plans.

“We heard there were storms out in Kansas City,” Smith said. “Honestly, if you’re inside, just stay inside.”

Wet conditions coupled with freezing temperatures have marked potentially dangerous conditions for those looking to travel. American Snow and Ice Director of Snow Operations Chris Richard and his crew are hoping to alleviate those conditions.

“Tonight, we’ll just be spreading chemicals, rock salt, and various de-icers,” Richard said. “By church time tomorrow I think everybody will be in the clear, but with that being said I don’t want anybody to get hurt. So, remember this is ice, not snow. So, be very cautious.”

Richard added these type of storms are typically harder to deal with when compared to your average snowstorm due to precipitation levels.

Smith and his friends plan to hold out for better conditions in their hotel. Hopefully, the cross-country travelers will be back on the road by tomorrow afternoon.

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