St. Louis Police believe person who stole tools from local locksmith also broke into a towing company


ST. LOUIS – Thousands of dollars’ worth of tools are stolen from a south St. Louis tow company. From the surveillance video, it looks like the thief was the same guy who hit a nearby locksmith business.

Around 1:45 a.m. Monday, a white tow truck pulled into the front lot of Hartmann Towing in south city. A couple of minutes later, a man can be seen getting out of the truck and walking to the back of the building.

In surveillance video, you can see what the man is wearing. It’s the exact same thing he was wearing when he was caught on camera breaking into vans at Krause Key and Lock the same morning. He took tools that locksmiths use to gain entry to a vehicle. At Hartmann Towing, the thief took everything you would need to tow a vehicle.

The suspect spent about 10 minutes going through the boxes of the trucks at Hartmann. Towing manager Mark Hartmann said it seemed like the thief knew what he was looking for.

The thief stole about $5,000 worth of tools from two unlocked trucks. Hartmann said this puts a couple of drivers out of work until they can replace those parts and get the trucks back in rotation.

Hartmann not only wants to catch the guy to get his equipment back but he’s also worried what he will do next now that he has all these tools.

“He has the stuff to get in cars and he has stuff to tow cars with,” Hartmann said.

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