ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Police Chief Robert Tracy discussed issues with the Circuit Attorney’s Office during the chief’s news conference regarding his first 100 days.

Tracy responded to questions about the office by saying the following:

“We are professionals here. We’ll make sure we bring the best case forward, and my job is to make sure that we’re working well with all of our criminal justice partners.”

Tracy delicately addressed issues at the Circuit Attorney’s Office that even a spokesperson for the judges called “untenable.” During Tuesday’s quo warranto hearing, Booker Shaw told the judge, “The Circuit Attorney’s Office is now in a state of near total collapse.”

Tracy addressed concerns by turning it back on himself.

“My job is to make sure that we do everything we can do right,” he said. “If there are issues on the policing side, I’ve got to make sure we identify them to bring the best case forward.”

His answers were consistent with his message that partnerships and community engagement are keys to his crime-fighting strategy.

“We’ve got to start establishing those relationships,” Tracy said. “Because there’s so many people that support police and what we do, and we both need each other.”

Yet the Circuit Attorney’s Office recently blamed police for delays in justice in the 2021 Central West End murder of a father and daughter, Darrion and Dmyah Fleming. Gardner’s office said police delayed turning over evidence.

“I can tell you – when requested, the information, it has been handed over in a timely manner,” Tracy said regarding the 2021 murders.

However, another assistant prosecutor will be leaving next week. That will bring the number of prosecutors handling hundreds of violent crimes down to two, starting May 1.

Here’s a breakdown of who FOX 2 found to be continuing to prosecute cases. With two working on violent crimes, another 13 prosecutors handle other cases.

5 prosecutors are working general felonies
5 are working in the special victims’ unit
3 work the warrant office
2 are assigned white collar crimes.

It’s the violent crime unit that raises the most concern, with only two prosecutors scheduled to be working after next week. Another two are reportedly employed but on leave.

Tracy, meanwhile, maintained that violent crimes are being handled.

“I see a lot of cases that we bring before the Circuit Attorney right now. They are taking on homicides,” he said.

Tracy said he’s also proud of his partnership with St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and their ability to negotiate a police pay contract for competitive wages.

He added that the city’s political fireworks have not scared him away.

“I came here to do a job. I’m already selling my house in Delaware,” Tracy said. “It’s already on the market. I’ll be selling that next month. I’m already looking at a place here. So, I’m in St. Louis for the long run.”

The chief said that if the legislature passes state control of his department, he won’t assume they’ll keep him as chief, but if he’s asked to stay, he said he would agree to remain.