ST. LOUIS – Over a two-week period stretching from the end of March through the beginning of April, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department made about 595 traffic stops in the city for issues of speeding, violating stop signs, and other moving violations.

The SLMPD launched the Traffic Enforcement Initiative in October 2021 to reduce traffic fatalities in the city by going after unsafe drivers.

After examining accident reports in each of its six districts, police identified problem intersections in each district and increased patrols in those areas. The department reviews the reports and data and can change its presence in each district every two weeks.

Between March 28 and April 10, St. Louis police issued 389 traffic tickets for moving violations, with 92% of those citations related to speeding.

Police filed approximately 565 accident/crash-related reports during that two-week stretch.

The department shared several maps of data points showing where traffic stops were conducted in specific parts of the city.