ST. LOUIS – Many school districts on the Missouri side of the river start school Monday, including students at St. Louis Public Schools. The St. Louis Public School System serves tens of thousands of students. Kids will start the school year with some exciting new opportunities and resources.

Every student will walk into school to find a bag of school supplies waiting for them. A couple of weeks ago, nearly 20,000 backpacks of school supplies were being prepared. Teachers and staff have been going through professional development workshops every day for the entire month of August, and they can’t wait to bring the new things they’ve picked up along the way into the classroom.

Voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition S in 2022, which will provide $165 million for much-needed repairs and improvements to every building in the district.

This is the first year without Dr. Kelvin Adams, who served as superintendent for 14 years. He stabilized finances and helped the district regain full accreditation. Dr. Keisha Scarlett takes his place this year.

FOX 2 will speak with her later Monday morning. It’s understood that she will be spending the entire week touring schools, including riding school buses to schools for several days.

The district is also preparing for a hot first week of school. With afternoon temperatures at or above 100 degrees this week, SLPS and the Missouri Central Bus Company are making sure all students and staff are both comfortable and safe as school gets started.

Outdoor activities like PE, recess, and practices will be limited throughout the week. So be on the lookout for updates from the district and athletic directors through all the normal communication channels.