ST. LOUIS – A report listed St. Louis as the most affordable metropolitan area to rent an apartment in.

Real estate data company Clever released a new report showing rent prices in the U.S. are rising four times faster than income, but St. Louis is one of only four metros where the rent-to-income ratio is lower than the national median. The other three are Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, and San Antonio.

The report found that renters in the nation’s 50 largest metros in 2020 earned a median salary of $64,994 and paid $1,136 which is approximately 21 percent of their income.

The median rent for 2020 in St. Louis was $905 while the median income in that year was $90,790. That was an 11.96 percent rent-to-income ratio. Experts recommend spending less than 30% of gross monthly income on rent.

According to the report, a one-bedroom apartment costs $745 per month, a two-bedroom apartment costs $947 per month, and a three-bedroom apartment costs $1,230 per month in St. Louis.

The city with the most expensive rent is San Francisco. A one-bedroom apartment there is $2,631, and a two-bedroom apartment there is $3,198. San Francisco’s rent-to-income ratio is 48 percent.

Clever also discovered another sobering fact. The analysis determined rent price increases have exceeded income increases by 325% since 1985. While income has increased an average of 35% over the past 37-year, rent increased 149% in the same timeframe.

Clever said it analyzed publicly available data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with the most affordable cities for renters compared to the average income in each metro.