ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis resident has constructed the Gateway Arch and surrounding downtown area in the popular “Minecraft” game.

“Minecraft” is a video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds.

Ryan Leick, the builder behind the “Minecraft” Arch, posted his creation to Reddit. Leick says that he’s still working on the structure.

“I started about two weeks ago and have made a lot of progress so far,” he said.

Many buildings are not where they would be in person, Leick said.

“[That] is because it would be an insane amount of work on my part, and also because with fewer buildings, I can make the skyline small enough to fit inside a screenshot,” he said.

Leick planned to build the most culturally relevant buildings and places in St. Louis with the most prominent buildings on the skyline.

“I love St. Louis. I’ve lived here all my life. And the city holds a special place in my heart,” he said. “The skyline, especially the Arch, always strikes me with a sense of pride and familiarity. I chose to build the city because it merges both my love of St. Louis and my love of creativity.”

In Leick’s opinion, “Minecraft” is the essence of choice and creativity.

“You can play it as a survival game, where you hunt monsters, start farms, and go on an adventure,” he said. “You can play it as a purely building game, where you can create cities, mountains, and complex electrical networks. These options are the greatest thing about ‘Minecraft’ and why it means so much to me.”

Servers in Minecraft have different permissions. Some are private. Leick’s St. Louis creation is on a private server that allows a few friends. Some are public where anyone can join in on the game and build.

“I plan on making my build a public download when I finish it,” Leick said.

Leick provided screenshots of his creations: the city skyline, the view from Kiener Plaza Park, Union Station, and looking up from N. Broadway at One Metropolitan Square and 200 N. Broadway.

Leick said he’s built other prominent buildings in “Minecraft” as well.

“I built a full-scale replica of the White House years ago,” he said. “During the quarantine of 2020, I built my now-alma mater, Duchesne High School. All my teachers enjoyed that one.”

Leick also has dabbled in other artistic avenues. He has an art Instagram – @poots_art.

“I like to draw, especially cartoons and caricatures,” Leick said. “I also love playing and writing music, though none of it is public yet.”