ST. LOUIS — Four people ran for their lives after two men started shooting at them in south St. Louis early Tuesday morning. The robbers eventually asked one of the victims to strip naked when they caught up with him.

A woman and three men in their early 20s were driving in south St. Louis to deliver food at around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. One of the men was an Uber Eats worker. He was called to deliver an order to an address on Louisiana Avenue, just south of Osceola.

The group was walking back to their vehicle when a late 90s champagne colored Chevrolet Camaro with a black T-top roof pulled up besides them. Two men in their 20s armed with handguns got out of the vehicle.

All four victims started to run back to their vehicle. The suspects chased after them while firing shots and eventually caught up with two of the victims in the 4300 block of Virginia Avenue.

The suspects told the man to take off his clothes. The man and the woman then handed over their cell phones. Police say the suspects warned the victims not to return to the area.

All the victims eventually found their way back to the vehicle. They left the area and no one was injured.

Police are investigating this incident. They found shell casings at the crime scene. A detailed description of the suspects and images or video has not yet been released by police.