ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Board of Aldermen has approved new regulations to try and crack down on concerns with short-term rentals, specifically violence and large crowds linked to such properties.

There are thousands of short-term rentals available in the City of St. Louis. City leaders have been trying to come up with solutions after heightened concerns. Many late-night parties hosted at the rentals have been spilling into the streets and leading to violence.

Two bills advanced Friday, but not without debate. One bill would impose new rules for short-term rentals, like requiring owners to have a permit to operate a short-term rental that can be used as a party house. Another would enforce zoning codes in the City of St. Louis.

City leaders say the new rules will also include a designated contact person for each short-term rental and a required permit that will be completed and reviewed annually.

City leaders are hopeful these regulations will solve a lot of problems.

“After many years of debate, over short-term rental regulations, we finally perfected two bills today that would have regulations to short-term rentals in the city,” said Megan Green, Boad of Alderman President. “They will be up for final passage next week.”

“[The bills are] cutting down on these lofts and that’s having short-term rentals,” said Alderman Rasheen Aldridge. “It’s putting an accountability process in place so when residents save the building that we see over the summer. The same short-term rental location they knew, they did not have any type of accountability. They failed to hold short-term rental owners accountable.”

St. Louis is one of the few municipalities in the region to have no rules on short-term rentals, but with the new bills advancing, that’s about to change.