ST. LOUIS – Convenience stores around the St. Louis area said they were busy all day long Wednesday, selling thousands of Powerball tickets ahead of the big drawing.

It’s a big payout and players hoped the odds were in their favor to turn a $2 ticket into $1.7 billion. 

“I did the quick pick. Just hoping that it generates the right one,” said Darius Martin.

“I’ve got a Powerball ticket. This is my first time ever purchasing one, and I’m trying to win,” said Lauren Farrington.

The big jackpot comes with hefty taxes. In Missouri, the lump-sum payout is around $544 million or the 29-yearly payout estimates to around $1.2 billion, but that didn’t stop players from buying tickets.

“I don’t even care. They can take all the tax out of it that they want, and I’ll still be good,” said Farrington.

“Hey, a million, two million, whatever. Fifty thousand, just a nice winning ticket would be nice,” said Austin Wheeler.

People also hoped by changing up how they play they’ll have better luck. 

“I live in St. Charles, but I’m out here in St. Louis trying to find the right combination,” said Wheeler. 

“Every time it gets big. One guy, he takes everybody’s money, and he’s got a pot we put in and basically what it is, he goes and gets the tickets. He makes a copy, so he doesn’t embellish on the ticket and win without us knowing,” said Martin.

Players said until the drawing, it’s fun to daydream.

“Take care of my family. Probably give some to my co-workers if I win by myself and travel. Do a lot of traveling,” said Martin.

“Travel. Travel. Me and my dogs, traveling. I don’t have any kids. It’s just me and them traveling. Getting myself a house, there are so many things I can’t even think of it right now,” said Farrington.