ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Water Division has issued a precautionary boil advisory Tuesday for parts of north and south city.

The Water Division detected low water pressure at one of its treatment plants as a result of a “substantial voltage drop from incoming supplied power.”

There have been no outside reports of contaminated water, and the Water Division has not detected any contamination on its end. The boil advisory will remain in place until the city can test water samples. Those results will be available in 24 hours.

The precautionary advisory is in effect in the following places:

Area 1
The area bordered by N. Kingshighway to the city limits and Page to Natural Bridge.

Courtesy: St. Louis Water Division

Area 2
North of Arsenal to Oakland between S. Kingshighway and the western city limit
South of Arsenal to Chippewa between S. Kingshighway and Hampton

Courtesy: St. Louis Water Division

Water should be boiled vigorously for three minutes prior to use for drinking, diluting fruit juices, all other food prep, and brushing teeth. As always, let the water cool before using.

Residents should dispose of their ice cubes as well and avoid using ice from an automatic ice maker. People are advised to remake ice cubes with water that has been boiled.

Water does not need to be boiled for bathing. However, parents or guardians should supervise children to make sure water is not swallowed.