ST. LOUIS – The city’s water department is hearing complaints of smelly and odd-tasting water, with some residents describing it as “earthy” and “metallic.”

While this certainly isn’t pleasant to the senses, the bigger concern for residents is whether it’s safe to drink. The water department received reports of the smelly water, but they’ve taken the steps to resolve the situation.

“We adjusted our treatment process, so that is being removed now. Unfortunately, we have water in the system that has to be used up and work its way out,” said Curtis Skouby, P.E., the Director of Public Utilities for the City of St. Louis Water Division.

The bad taste can be aggravated by the warm temperatures.

“When water is warmer, it’s like 85 degrees now. The taste and odors are more prominent than like in the wintertime when the water’s cold. You take the water coming out of the faucet, put it in a pitcher, put it in the refrigerator, it’ll lessen the bad taste to it,” said Skouby.

The Division has been monitoring the quality of the water and says it’s not unsafe to drink.

“It’s not a health issue. There’s not a health implication. It’s just aesthetic. We’re fortunate that we rarely have a taste or odor, but we do occasionally. A fact of life. And unfortunately, today, this week, is one of those times,” said Skouby.

For businesses like Gelato Di Riso on the Hill, water impacts every aspect of its daily routine.

“We use it to wash all the dishes, we use it to make the product, alright? We use it to sanitize. We can’t live without water,” said Don Ludwinski, a server at Gelato Di Riso.

Ludwinski said he is not impacted by the problem of the odd-smelling water in the city area.

“I don’t smell it. I don’t see a difference. I don’t taste a difference. Don’t be concerned.” said Ludwinski.

The good news for those impacted by it is that it will be back to normal in just a few days.