St. Louis woman avoids falling victim to fake check scam


SHREWSBURY, Mo. – Authorities are looking into reports of thieves stealing mail and checks that could cost victims thousands of dollars.

“I said this is a big deal and this is major check forgery,” the victim said. 

The victim who requested not to be identified filed a complaint with the United States Postal Service that her check had been stolen and forged after she put her check in the mailbox at the Mackenzie Pointe post office in Shrewsbury.

She said she always does her postal business at the Shrewsbury location and recently mailed large checks to a contractor who is building a vacation home for her family.
Authorities say the culprit got a hold of one of her checks and made a new check with all of her information, but did not put her phone number on the fake check.

First  Community Credit Union informed her that the thief wrote a check for $73,000 but it did not clear because it raised a red flag.

“Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from the First Community accounts department asking if I had recently written a check for $73,000 payable to a person I did not know,” the victim said.
“The next question was have you recently mailed anything from the Shrewsbury Post Office. I said yes and they proceeded to tell me there had been other victims with problems “
The credit union released a statement and it reads in part: “When the manufactured check was presented for payment, it was returned and the victim was notified by First Community. Once our fraud team was aware of the situation, we closed the victim’s account out of an abundance of caution and opened a new account for her. Though the situation was unfortunate, the victim was not out any money. We are aware of other similar situations and as always, we are working with our members to minimize the impact on them.”

The victim said the credit union is looking into it and that she is one of 50 victims they know of so far.
 The United States Secret Service Office in St. Louis confirmed they are aware of the allegations and are looking at the victim’s case. There could possibly be more victims out there.
 “I just want people to know this is going on and be very careful mailing checks,” the victim said. 

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